Coons out house

Hese are the Coons who are living at other homes




Chianti van de Doronburcht

Born:  18-01-2008
Dad: GiboBriki Joy's cooper swiffer
Mother: Mt. Kathadin's Rainbow Rose



Our cuddly Lady.
Who loves to give and get attention. But did go well within a large group.
So from 2 Maart 2012 she lives at a very good friend of ours. She lives there together with Bo-Milla.










DSC 9519


Born:  17-04-2007
Dad: unknown Black
Mother: Tortie



This tough lady does first thinks later is very active and liked to be cuddled.
Now she lives with Chianti To keep her company at our friends house





Williw okt12 klein

Galdür's Wisteria Lane  "Willow"

Born:  29-09-2008
Dad: CH Gladür's Orlando's Passion
Mother: Waldemaine Marie



Ower though and bold Lady. Was firts at the door when visitors came. And was a real bags insector !. 
for people she was very lovely. But she didn't go well with hormonal other ladies..
Therefor she lives from 22 Oktober of 2012 at Dorien in Amsterdam with 3 other dogs who she can boss around..