About us

About Us

We are Meriam and Caspar Molenaar
sins 1994 when we lived together above our flower shop we always shared our home with cats
In 2009 we sold the flower shop and moved first to oisterwijk and finally to our new home in Haaren 
we started with normal cats and all of them are still in our memory
after a while the wish to have kittens of our one and then with a purebred

So we start learning more about breeding and about the different breed variety there are
The Minute we saw the impressive and nice Maine Coon we were sold 
Finding out more about the breed we saw a picture of the newborn Chianti and it was love at first sight
This lady we must have

In 2008 Chianti came to live with us and we made the first steps to start our hobby cattery
With Chianti we also started to go to cat shows
This opend the door for several Maine Coons that lives with us and we showing them.

Our Coonflakes Quintana Amore Mio became Supreme Champion in 23 shows !

After some gils we now have some boys too and in 2014 we have the first litter of one of our own boys.

With all our girls and boys we hope to have a good foundation for our cattery.

We keep up with the knollage and try to improve ourselfs so that we will breed to have healthy, beautifull Maine coons witch are a plus for the breed.