Maine Coon Offspring

Our first Litter


The Coons en Blooms "Beautifull Blooms of Floriade" litter. 

 missy x revolver 1

 Black Silver Tabby Blotched White                         &           Black Tabby Mackerel 







dendy 5 weken klein

Coonsenblooms Epidendrum Cinnabarinum aka murphy

Born : 04-07-2012
Sexe Male
Colour Black Tabby Blotched

Murphy lives with Renate & Marnix in Tilburg


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Ixora 5 weken klein

Coonsenblooms Ixora Coccinea aka Ixora

Born : 04-07-2012
Sexe Female
Colour : Black Tabby Mackrel

Ixora has stayed with us.



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