Maine Coon Boys

Apache 15 jaar

Magic Lake Apache "of Coonflakes"
Geboren: 30-10-2011

Black Silver Makerel / White

MCO ns 09 23

Vader: Tammany's Aritic Storm
Moeder: Magic Lake Sari


This cool guy is a very cuddly and relaxed boy. Allways Playfull with the kittens.
He feel right at home here

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Tony heren pag kl

Coons & Blooms Tony's Chocolonely
Geboren: 06-02-2013

Black Tabby Silver/ White


Vader: Magic Lake Apache
Moeder: Sheercats Baya Mo

This our firts own breed male of our Cattery for breeding.
Very strong build guy, very muscular.
Can get along with all our Coons.
Looks very mutch like his daddy.

  For more information see our dutch website.

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Voodoo 3 2

Dynamicats Voodoo Cadillac
Geboren: 17-09-2013

Black / White

MCO n 03

Vader: LT*Baltic Wind Incredible
Moeder: Dynamicats Dixie Highway


Voodoo is a very playfull Coon with strong booning and is very playfull.
Very bould and play first think later type. We are very happy to have him here.

  For more information see our dutch website

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